Creating and Analyzing a Simple Model in Abaqus/CAE

The following section is a basic tutorial for the experienced Abaqus user. It leads you through the Abaqus/CAE modeling process by visiting each of the modules and showing you the basic steps to create and analyze a simple model. To illustrate each of the steps, you will first create a model of a steel cantilever beam and load its top surface (see Figure 1 in Summary). You will then analyze the beam and plot the resulting stresses and displacements. The entire tutorial takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

In this section:

Understanding Abaqus/CAE modules
Understanding the Model Tree
Creating a part
Creating a material
Defining and assigning section properties
Assembling the model
Defining your analysis steps
Applying a boundary condition and a load to the model
Meshing the model
Creating and submitting an analysis job
Viewing the results of your analysis