Creating and submitting an analysis job

Now that you have configured your analysis, you will create a job that is associated with your model and to submit the job for analysis.

  1. In the Model Tree, double-click the Jobs container to create a job.

    Abaqus/CAE switches to the Job module, and the Create Job dialog box appears with a list of the models in the model database.

  2. Name the job Deform.

  3. Click Continue to create the job.

    The Edit Job dialog box appears.

  4. In the Description field, type Cantilever beam tutorial.

  5. Click the tabs to review the default settings in the job editor. Click OK to accept all the default job settings and to close the dialog box.

  6. In the Model Tree, expand the Jobs container; click mouse button 3 on the job named Deform, and select Submit from the menu that appears to submit your job for analysis.

    After you submit your job, information appears next to the job name indicating the job's status. The status of the cantilever beam tutorial shows one of the following:

    • Submitted while the analysis input file is being generated.

    • Running while Abaqus analyzes the model.

    • Completed when the analysis is complete, and the output has been written to the output database.

    • Aborted if Abaqus/CAE finds a problem with the input file or the analysis and aborts the analysis. In addition, Abaqus/CAE reports the problem in the message area.

  7. When the job completes successfully, you are ready to view the results of the analysis with the Visualization module. In the Model Tree, click mouse button 3 on the job named Deform and select Results to enter the Visualization module.

    Abaqus/CAE enters the Visualization module, opens the output database created by the job, and displays the undeformed model shape.