Creating a material

For the cantilever beam tutorial you will create a single linear elastic material with Young's modulus of 209 × 103 MPa and Poisson's ratio of 0.3.

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Creating materials
  1. In the Model Tree, double-click the Materials container to create a new material.

    Abaqus/CAE switches to the Property module, and the Edit Material dialog box appears.

  2. Name the material Steel. Use the menu bar under the browser area of the material editor to reveal menus containing all the available material options. Some of the menu items contain submenus; for example, Figure 1 shows the options available under the MechanicalElasticity menu item. When you select a material option, the appropriate data entry form appears below the menu.

    Figure 1. Submenus available under the Mechanical menu.

  3. From the material editor's menu bar, select MechanicalElasticityElastic.

    Abaqus/CAE displays the Elastic data form.

  4. Type a value of 209.E3 MPa for Young's modulus and a value of 0.3 for Poisson's ratio in the respective fields, as shown in Figure 2. Use Tab to move between cells.

    Figure 2. Entering data values for the elastic material properties.

  5. Click OK to exit the material editor.