Axisymmetric shell element library

This section provides a reference to the axisymmetric shell elements available in Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit. For axisymmetric shell geometries in which nonaxisymmetric behavior is expected, use the SAXA elements available in Abaqus/Standard (see Axisymmetric shell elements with nonlinear, asymmetric deformation).

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Coordinate 1 is r, coordinate 2 is z. The r-direction corresponds to the global X-direction, and the z-direction corresponds to the global Y-direction. Coordinate 1 should be greater than or equal to zero.

Degree of freedom 1 is ur, degree of freedom 2 is uz, and degree of freedom 6 is rotation in the rz plane.

Abaqus does not automatically apply any boundary conditions to nodes located along the symmetry axis. You should apply radial or symmetry boundary conditions on these nodes if desired.

Point loads and concentrated fluxes should be given as the value integrated around the circumference (that is, the load on the complete ring).

The meridional direction is the direction that is tangent to the element in the rz plane; that is, the meridional direction is along the line that is rotated about the axis of symmetry to generate the full three-dimensional body.

The circumferential or hoop direction is the direction normal to the rz plane.