Concentrated loads

Concentrated loads:

  • apply concentrated forces and moments to nodal degrees of freedom; and

  • can be fixed in direction; or

  • can rotate as the node rotates (referred to as follower forces), resulting in an additional, and possibly unsymmetric, contribution to the load stiffness

In steady-state dynamic analysis both real and imaginary concentrated loads can be applied (see Direct-solution steady-state dynamic analysis and Mode-based steady-state dynamic analysis for details).

Multiple concentrated load cases can be defined in random response analysis (see Random response analysis for details).

Concentrated loads are also used to apply the pressure-conjugate at nodes with pressure degree of freedom in acoustic analysis (see Acoustic and shock loads).

Actuation loads in connector elements can be defined as connector loads, applied similarly to concentrated loads. See Connector actuation for more detailed information.

The procedures in which these loads can be used are outlined in About Prescribed Conditions. See About loads for general information that applies to all types of loading.

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