Cracking model for concrete

The brittle cracking model in Abaqus/Explicit:

  • provides a capability for modeling concrete in all types of structures: beams, trusses, shells and solids;

  • can also be useful for modeling other materials such as ceramics or brittle rocks;

  • is designed for applications in which the behavior is dominated by tensile cracking;

  • assumes that the compressive behavior is always linear elastic;

  • must be used with the linear elastic material model (Linear elastic behavior), which also defines the material behavior completely prior to cracking;

  • is most accurate in applications where the brittle behavior dominates such that the assumption that the material is linear elastic in compression is adequate;

  • can be used for plain concrete, even though it is intended primarily for the analysis of reinforced concrete structures;

  • allows removal of elements based on a brittle failure criterion; and

  • is defined in detail in A cracking model for concrete and other brittle materials.

See Inelastic behavior for a discussion of the concrete models available in Abaqus.

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