Contact constraint enforcement methods in Abaqus/Standard

Contact constraint enforcement methods in Abaqus/Standard:

  • are specified as part of the surface interaction definition;

  • determine how contact constraints imposed by a physical pressure-overclosure relationship (see Contact pressure-overclosure relationships) are resolved numerically in an analysis;

  • can either strictly enforce or approximate the physical pressure-overclosure relationships;

  • can be modified to resolve convergence difficulties due to overconstraints; and

  • sometimes utilize Lagrange multiplier degrees of freedom.

The available constraint enforcement methods for normal contact in Abaqus/Standard are discussed in detail in this section. The frictional constraint enforcement methods in Abaqus/Standard are assigned independently of those for the normal contact constraints and are discussed in Frictional behavior. The use of Lagrange multipliers in contact calculations is also covered in this section.

The following topics are discussed:

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