Restarting an analysis

This section describes the restart capability in Abaqus/CAE. If your model contains multiple steps, you do not have to analyze all of the steps in a single analysis job. Indeed, it is often desirable to run a complex analysis in stages. This allows you to examine the results and confirm that the analysis is performing as expected before continuing with the next stage. The restart files generated by an Abaqus analysis allow you to continue the analysis from a specified step. For more information, see Restarting an analysis.

In this section:

Controlling a restart analysis
Files required to restart an analysis
Rules governing a restart analysis
The relationship between the model and the restart analysis
Restarting after adding more analysis steps to the model
Restarting after modifying existing analysis steps
Restarting from the middle of a step
Visualizing results from restart analyses
Recovering an Abaqus/Standard analysis
Remote submission of restart jobs