Remote submission of restart jobs

If you submit a job to a remote machine for analysis, by default Abaqus copies the files required for a restart analysis back to your local directory when the job is complete. For more information, see Submitting a job remotely. If the remote job terminates prematurely, you may have to copy the files back to your local directory manually.

Most of the files required for a restart analysis are platform-dependent binary files. As a result, you will not be able to continue a restart analysis on a Windows machine after starting the analysis on a Linux machine, or vice versa. The part (.prt) file contains ASCII text and can be copied across platforms.

The lack of portability across platforms with different binary formats does not preclude you from restarting an analysis on a machine that is different from the machine on which the original analysis was run. However, the two machines must be binary compatible, and it is recommended that the original analysis and the restart analysis both be executed on the same platform. Abaqus does not test cross-platform compatibility of restart files.