Recovering an Abaqus/Standard analysis

Abaqus/Explicit has a recovery mechanism for analysis jobs that terminate prematurely; for example, because of disk space or power failures. For more information, see Selecting a job type. However, unlike Abaqus/Explicit, Abaqus/Standard does not have a recovery mechanism. The following example describes how you can use the restart capabilities of Abaqus/Standard to continue an analysis that terminated prematurely. Assume the following:

  • You analyzed Model-A containing Step-1, Step-2, and Step-3.

  • Because of a power outage, the analysis ended prematurely at Increment 17 of Step-2.

  • You requested that restart information be saved every 10 increments. As a result, the last restart information was saved at Increment 10 of Step-2.

The following procedure describes how you can recover the analysis using the last restart information that was saved:

  1. Copy Model-A to a new model, say Model-A-recover, and make Model-A-recover the current model.

  2. From the main menu bar, select ModelEdit AttributesModel-A-recover. From the Edit Model Attributes dialog box that appears, do the following:

    • Toggle on Read data from job, and enter Job-A to indicate the job from which the restart data will be read.

    • Set the restart location:

      • Enter Step-2 to indicate the step from which the restart data will be read.

      • Choose Restart from increment, interval, iteration, or cycle, and enter 10 to indicate the increment from which the restart data will be read.

      • Choose and complete the step. Step-2 will continue the analysis after increment 10 and run to completion.

  3. Copy Job-A to a new job, say Job-A-recover, that uses Model-A-recover. Abaqus/CAE sets the job type to Restart.

  4. Submit Job-A-recover for analysis.