Selecting a job type

The Submission tabbed page in the job editor allows you to choose between the following job types:

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Submit a job with this option selected to generate (or regenerate) the input file (if the job is associated with a model), perform a complete analysis of your model, and write the results to the output database. This option is the default.

Recover (Explicit)

This option is available only when you are running Abaqus/Explicit. Submit a job with this option selected to complete your analysis after Abaqus/Explicit stopped unexpectedly; for example, after filling a disk or after a network problem.

You cannot use this job type to recover an Abaqus/Standard job that terminated prematurely. Instead, you should use the Abaqus/Standard restart capabilities as described in Recovering an Abaqus/Standard analysis.


Submit a job with this option selected to start the analysis using data from a previous analysis of a specified model. You must use the Edit Model Attributes dialog box to specify the job to read data from and to specify the step from which to restart the analysis. When you create a job that refers to a model with restart data attributes, Abaqus/CAE by default selects the job type to be Restart.

Restart analyses are described in more detail in Restarting an analysis. You cannot create a restart job for a job that was associated with an input file.

The Job Type settings are analogous to parameters of the Abaqus execution procedure; for more information, see Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit execution. For detailed instructions on choosing a job type, see Choosing the job type.