Controlling a restart analysis

By default, no restart information is written for an Abaqus/Standard analysis and restart information is written only at the beginning and end of each step for an Abaqus/Explicit analysis. You can use the Step module to change the frequency at which restart information is written. For more information, see Restart output requests.

After an analysis has generated restart information, you can control the following aspects of the subsequent restart analysis:

Model attributes

To configure a restart analysis, you must specify whether the model should reuse data from a previous analysis of the same model. You can specify the step and the increment or time interval of the previous analysis from which the new analysis should start. You can also choose one of the following:

  • Allow the selected step to continue to completion.

  • Terminate the selected step at the specified increment and begin a new step.

For more information, see Specifying model attributes.

Job type

You use the job editor to specify the job type. If you edit the model attributes to specify that the model should reuse data from a previous analysis and you create a job that refers to this model, Abaqus/CAE sets the job type to Restart. For more information, see Selecting a job type. You cannot create a restart job that refers to a job that was associated with an input file.