User subroutine to define electrical conductance between surfaces in a coupled thermal-electrical or a coupled thermal-electrical-structural analysis.

User subroutine GAPELECTR:

  • assumes that the electrical current flowing between the interface surfaces is modeled as J=σg(φA-φB), where J is the electrical current density flowing across the interface from point A (the slave surface) to point B (the master surface), φA and φB are the electrical potential on opposite points of the surfaces, and σg is the surface electrical conductance;

  • is used to define σg, providing much greater flexibility than direct gap electrical conductance definition in specifying the dependencies of σg (for instance, it is not necessary to define the gap electrical conductance as a function of the average of the two surfaces' temperatures and/or field variables);

  • will be called at the slave nodes of a contact pair (About contact pairs in Abaqus/Standard) for which the gap electrical conductance is defined in a user subroutine; and

  • ignores any dependencies or data specified for the gap electrical conductance outside the user subroutine.

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