Abaqus/Standard output variable identifiers

The tables in the following sections list all of the output variables that are available in Abaqus/Standard.

These output variables can be requested for output to the data (.dat) and results (.fil) files (see Output to the Data and Results Files) or as either field- or history-type output to the output database (.odb) file (see Output to the Output Database). In general, output variables that can be requested as field- or history-type output to an output database in ODB format can also be requested as output in SIM format (see The output database). As noted specifically in the tables, a few of the output variables are written only to the output database and restart (.res) files (they are not available for output to the data or results files). These variables can be accessed only in the Visualization module of Abaqus/CAE (Abaqus/Viewer). Each table contains one variable type:

  • Element integration point variables

  • Element centroidal variables

  • Element section variables

  • Whole element variables

  • Element face variables

  • Whole element energy density variables

  • Whole element error indicator variables

  • Nodal variables

  • Modal variables

  • Surface variables

  • Cavity radiation variables

  • Section variables

  • Whole and partial model variables

  • Solution-dependent amplitude variables

  • Structural optimization variables

The following topics are discussed:

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