Models for metals subjected to cyclic loading

The kinematic hardening models:

  • are used to simulate the inelastic behavior of materials that are subjected to cyclic loading;

  • include a linear kinematic hardening model, a nonlinear isotropic/kinematic hardening model, and, in Abaqus/Standard, a multilinear kinematic hardening model;

  • include a nonlinear isotropic/kinematic hardening model with multiple backstresses;

  • can be used in any procedure that uses elements with displacement degrees of freedom;

  • in Abaqus/Standard cannot be used in adiabatic analyses, and the nonlinear isotropic/kinematic hardening model cannot be used in coupled temperature-displacement analyses;

  • can be used to model rate-dependent yield, except the multilinear kinematic hardening;

  • can be used with creep and swelling in Abaqus/Standard; and

  • require the use of the linear elasticity material model to define the elastic part of the response.

The following topics are discussed:

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