Define compression damage properties for the concrete damaged plasticity model.

This option is used to define compression damage (or stiffness degradation) properties for the concrete damaged plasticity material model. The CONCRETE COMPRESSION DAMAGE option must be used in conjunction with the CONCRETE DAMAGED PLASTICITY, CONCRETE TENSION STIFFENING, and CONCRETE COMPRESSION HARDENING options. In addition, the CONCRETE TENSION DAMAGE option can be used to specify tensile stiffness degradation damage.

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Concrete damaged plasticity


TypeModel data


Abaqus/CAEProperty module

Optional parameters


Set this parameter equal to the number of field variable dependencies included in the definition of the compression damage, in addition to temperature. If this parameter is omitted, it is assumed that the compression damage behavior depends only on temperature. See Material data definition for more information.


This parameter is used to define the stiffness recovery factor wt, which determines the amount of tension stiffness that is recovered as the loading changes from compression to tension. If wt=1, the material fully recovers the tensile stiffness; if wt=0, there is no stiffness recovery. Intermediate values of wt (0wt1) result in partial recovery of the tensile stiffness. The default value is 0.0.

Data lines to define compression damage

First line
  1. Compressive damage variable, dc.

  2. Inelastic (crushing) strain, ε~cin.

  3. Temperature.

  4. First field variable.

  5. Second field variable.

  6. Etc., up to five field variables.

The first point at each value of temperature must have a crushing strain of 0.0 and a compressive damage value of 0.0.

Subsequent lines (only needed if the DEPENDENCIES parameter has a value greater than five)
  1. Sixth field variable.

  2. Etc., up to eight field variables per line.

Repeat this set of data lines as often as necessary to define the dependence of the compressive damage behavior on crushing strain, temperature, and other predefined field variables.