Abaqus Keywords Guide

This guide contains a complete description of all the input options that are available in Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit.

A brief description of the intended use of the keyword is listed at the top of each keyword section.

The Products field lists each of the products that support the keyword. Keywords that are at least partially supported in Abaqus/CAE include Abaqus/CAE in the list of products. The user interface in Abaqus/CAE does not necessarily support all optional parameters for each supported keyword.

The Type field indicates whether the keyword appears in the model or history data portion of the input file. For more information, see Abaqus Model Definition.

The Level field indicates the level(s) at which the keyword can appear within the input file if the model is defined in terms of an assembly of part instances. For more information, see Assembly definition.

The Abaqus/CAE field indicates where within Abaqus/CAE you can locate the user interface related to the keyword. You can also refer to Abaqus keyword browser table, which lists all Abaqus keywords and their support within the user interface or from the input file reader.

To find examples of the usage of a particular keyword in an input file, you can use the findkeyword utility (defined in Querying the keyword/problem database) to search the sample input files included with the Abaqus release. The abaqus fetch utility is used to extract these input files for use. For example, to fetch input file boltpipeflange_3d_cyclsym.inp, type

abaqus fetch job=boltpipeflange_3d_cyclsym.inp

The abaqus fetch utility is explained in detail in Fetching sample input files.