Fetching sample input files

The abaqus fetch utility is used to extract sample Abaqus input files, user subroutine files, journal files, parametric study script files, or postprocessing programs from the compressed archive files provided with the release (for problems in the Abaqus Example Problems Guide, the Abaqus Benchmarks Guide Guide, and the Abaqus Verification Guide Guide). File names are specified in the guides. If no file extension is specified, all files corresponding to the name given will be extracted.

Wildcard expressions can be used when specifying the file names and include the following:

  • An asterisk (*) matches a sequence of zero or more characters.

  • A question mark (?) matches exactly one character.

  • A bracketed item [...] matches any single character found inside the brackets; ranges are specified by a beginning character, a hyphen, and an ending character. If an exclamation point (!) or a caret (^) follow the left bracket, the range of characters within the brackets is complemented; that is, anything except the characters inside the brackets is considered a match.

Any character that might otherwise be interpreted or modified by the operating system, particularly on Linux platforms, should be placed inside quotation marks. If no matches are found using the wildcard expressions, the abaqus fetch utility attempts to extract a file with the name specified.

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