Breakable bonds

Breakable bonds, such as spot welds, between surfaces:

  • can be defined only at the nodes of the slave surface of a pure master-slave contact pair;

  • can be defined only in the first step of a simulation;

  • constrain the slave node to the master surface until the failure criterion of the bond is met;

  • are designed to provide a simple simulation of spot weld failure under relatively monotonic straining, such as occurs during an impact of a vehicle structure;

  • do not constrain the rotational degrees of freedom at the node;

  • use either a time to failure or a damaged failure model to simulate the postfailure response of the bonds;

  • use the default contact property model (About mechanical contact properties) once the bonds have been broken; and

  • can be used only between two deformable surfaces with the kinematic contact pair algorithm.

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