Adding materials from a library to your model

To view material libraries, select the Material Library tab in the Model Tree area of the Property module. If more than one library is available, select one from the list at the top of the tabbed page. In the default Tree view, expand categories to view the materials within each category. To hide the categories and view an alphabetical list of all materials in the current library, select the List view.

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To add a material from a library to the current model, highlight the material name in the tree or list view, and click the Add Material icon at the upper right corner of the Materials list. Alternatively, you can double-click on a material name in the library to add it to the model.

  1. Click Material Library at the top of the Model Tree area located on the left side of the main window.

    Tip: If the Model Tree is not displayed, select ViewShow Model Tree from the main menu bar.

  2. Select a library name from the Name list.

    If Abaqus/CAE did not find any material libraries at the start of the session, you may create a new library. For more information, see Managing material libraries.

    Abaqus/CAE displays the library contents. By default, the library is displayed in a tree format where materials may be separated into categories, similar to the Model Tree.

  3. Locate the desired material in the library using any of the following methods:

    • Expand categories within the Tree view to view their contents.

    • Toggle on List to hide the categories and view all materials in the library.

    • Enter a string in the Filter field to show only those materials whose names contain that string.

  4. Click on the name of a material to select it.

  5. If desired, click the arrow to the right of Specification Tags (located below the materials list) to view more information about the selected material.

  6. Click the Add Material icon at the upper right corner of the Materials list to add the material to the current model.

Once you have added a material to your model, use the Edit Material dialog box to view or edit the material properties. Use the other tools in the Property module to associate the material with a section and assign the section to part of your model.