Specifying solution-dependent state variables

Solution-dependent state variables are values in user subroutines that you can define to evolve with the solution of an analysis. If you refer to a material definition in a user subroutine, you can use the Edit Material dialog box to specify the number of solution-dependent variables required at the points or nodes to which that material is applied. See About user subroutines and utilities, for more information.

  1. From the menu bar in the Edit Material dialog box, select GeneralDepvar.

    (For information on displaying the Edit Material dialog box, see Creating or editing a material.)

  2. Click the arrows to the right of the Number of solution-dependent state variables field to specify how many solution dependent state variables you want to allocate space for at each applicable integration point or contact slave node.

  3. If applicable, enter the state variable number controlling the element deletion flag in the field labeled Variable number controlling element deletion. For more information, see Deleting elements from a mesh using state variables.

  4. Click OK to close the Edit Material dialog box. Alternatively, you can select another material behavior to define from the menus in the Edit Material dialog box (see Browsing and modifying material behaviors, for more information).