Setting the work directory

The work directory is the directory into which Abaqus/CAE writes files that it generates when you submit a job for analysis, such as input files and output database files.

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Select FileSet Work Directory from the main menu bar to change the work directory. The Work Directories toolbar is updated to show the new setting. When you start an Abaqus/CAE session, the work directory is the directory from which you started Abaqus/CAE. Changing the work directory does not change the location where the replay file is saved, nor does it change the default directory for opening or saving files such as the model database file. However, Abaqus/CAE does use the new work directory to save any files that do not display a path when you save them. For example, the report file (abaqus.rpt) is written to the work directory.

When you use the file selection dialog boxes, you can click the work icon to access the work directory. (The file selection dialog box displays the full path to the directory you are accessing.) For more information, see Using file selection dialog boxes.