User subroutine to define conductance between contact surfaces or nodes in a fully coupled temperature-displacement analysis, coupled thermal-electrical-structural analysis, or pure heat transfer analysis.

User subroutine GAPCON:

  • assumes that the heat transfer between surfaces is modeled as q=k(θA-θB), where q is the heat flux per unit area flowing between corresponding points A and B on the surfaces, k is the gap conductance, and θA and θB are the surface temperatures;

  • is used to define k, providing greater flexibility than direct gap conductance definition in specifying the dependencies of k (for example, it is not necessary to define the gap conductance as a function of the average of the two surfaces' temperatures, mass flow rates, or field variables);

  • will be called at the slave nodes of a contact pair and at the integration points in a contact or a gap element for which the heat conductance definition contains a user-subroutine-defined gap conductance; and

  • ignores any dependencies or data specified for the gap conductance outside the user subroutine.

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