Define fluid leak-off coefficients for pore pressure cohesive elements.

This option is used to define leak-off coefficients for pore pressure cohesive elements.

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Defining the constitutive response of fluid within the cohesive element gap


TypeModel data


Abaqus/CAEProperty module

Optional, mutually exclusive parameters


Set this parameter equal to the number of field variable dependencies included in the definition of the fluid leak-off coefficients, in addition to temperature. If this parameter is omitted, it is assumed that the leak-off coefficients are constant or depend only on temperature. See Material data definition for more information.


Include this parameter to indicate that user subroutine UFLUIDLEAKOFF will be used to define the fluid leak-off coefficients.

Data lines to define fluid leak-off coefficients if the USER parameter is omitted

First line
  1. Fluid leak-off coefficient at top element surface.

  2. Fluid leak-off coefficient at bottom element surface.

  3. Temperature.

  4. First field variable.

  5. Etc., up to six field variables.

Subsequent lines (only needed if the DEPENDENCIES parameter has a value greater than six)
  1. Seventh field variable.

  2. Etc., up to eight field variables per line.

Repeat this set of data lines as often as necessary to specify K as a function of temperature and field variables.

There are no data lines when the USER parameter is included