Define parameters for stress-based failure measures.

This option is used to define the stress limits for stress-based failure measures. It can be used only in conjunction with the ELASTIC option.

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Plane stress orthotropic failure measures


TypeModel data


Abaqus/CAEProperty module

Optional parameters


Set this parameter equal to the number of field variable dependencies included in the definition of the failure criteria, in addition to temperature. If this parameter is omitted, it is assumed that the failure criteria depend only on temperature. See Material data definition for more information.

Data lines to define stress-based failure criteria

First line
  1. Tensile stress limit in fiber direction, Xt.

  2. Compressive stress limit in fiber direction, Xc.

  3. Tensile stress limit in transverse direction, Yt.

  4. Compressive stress limit in transverse direction, Yc.

  5. Shear strength in the XY plane, S.

  6. Cross product term coefficient, f* (-1.0f*1.0). This value is used only for the Tsai-Wu theory and is ignored if σbiax is given. The default is zero.

  7. Biaxial stress limit, σbiax. This value is used only for the Tsai-Wu theory. If this entry is nonzero, f* is ignored.

  8. Temperature.

Subsequent lines (only needed if the DEPENDENCIES parameter has a nonzero value)
  1. First field variable.

  2. Second field variable.

  3. Etc., up to eight field variables per line.

Repeat this set of data lines as often as necessary to define the failure criterion as a function of temperature and other predefined field variables.