Specify self-contact surfaces or surface pairings to include in the general contact domain.

This option is used to specify the self-contact surfaces and surface pairings that should be considered by the general contact algorithm. It should be used in conjunction with the CONTACT option.

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TypeModel data in Abaqus/Standard; Model or history data in Abaqus/Explicit

LevelModel in Abaqus/Standard; Model or Step in Abaqus/Explicit

Abaqus/CAEInteraction module

Optional parameters


Include this parameter to specify self-contact for a default unnamed, all-inclusive surface that includes all element-based surface facets and, in Abaqus/Explicit only, all analytical rigid surfaces. This is the simplest way to define the contact domain. The option should have no data lines when this parameter is used.

If this parameter is omitted, the contact surfaces must be specified on the data lines.

Data lines to specify contact inclusions if the ALL EXTERIOR parameter is omitted

First line
  1. The name of the first surface. If the first surface name is omitted, the default all-inclusive, surface defined by Abaqus is assumed.

  2. The name of the second surface. If the second surface name is omitted or is the same as the first surface name, Abaqus assumes that self-contact is defined. Self-contact means contact of a surface with itself, without consideration of whether a surface contains disconnected regions. If different names are specified for the first and second surfaces, self-contact is not considered except in any overlap between the two surfaces.

Repeat this data line as often as necessary.