Identify that the current step is a co-simulation step in Abaqus.

This option is used to identify a co-simulation step in Abaqus and the associated co-simulation controls.

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TypeHistory data


Abaqus/CAEInteraction module

Required parameters


Set this parameter equal to a label that will be used to refer to the co-simulation event. The co-simulation name adheres to the naming convention for labels (see Input Syntax Rules), except that it cannot begin with a number.


Set PROGRAM=MULTIPHYSICS for exchange of data between Abaqus and the SIMULIA Co-Simulation Engine, which in turn can exchange data with third-party analysis programs that support the SIMULIA Co-Simulation Engine.

Set PROGRAM=ABAQUS for exchange of data with another Abaqus analysis in an Abaqus/Standard to Abaqus/Explicit co-simulation.

Optional parameters


This parameter is required when PROGRAM=ABAQUS.

Set this parameter equal to the name of the co-simulation controls to be used to define the coupling and rendezvousing scheme.

There are no data lines associated with this option.