Axisymmetric solid elements with nonlinear, asymmetric deformation

This section provides a reference to the axisymmetric solid elements available in Abaqus/Standard. These elements are intended for analysis of hollow bodies, such as pipes and pressure vessels. They can also be used to model solid bodies, but spurious stresses may occur at zero radius, particularly if transverse shear loads are applied.

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Coordinate 1 is r, coordinate 2 is z. Referring to the figures shown in Choosing the element's dimensionality, the r-direction corresponds to the global X-direction in the θ=0 plane and the negative global Z-direction in the θ=90 plane, and the z-direction corresponds to the global Y-direction. Coordinate 1 must be greater than or equal to zero.

Degree of freedom 1 is ur, degree of freedom 2 is uz. The uθ degree of freedom is an internal variable: you cannot control it.