The Interaction module

You can use the Interaction module to define and manage the following objects:

  • Mechanical and thermal interactions between regions of a model or between a region of a model and its surroundings.

  • The interface region and coupling schemes for an Abaqus/Standard to Abaqus/Explicit co-simulation.

  • Analysis constraints between regions of a model.

  • Assembly-level wire features, connector sections, and connector section assignments to model connectors.

  • Inertia (point mass, rotary inertia, and heat capacitance) on regions of the model.

  • Cracks on regions of the model.

  • Springs and dashpots between two points of a model or between a point of a model and ground.

In this section:

Understanding the role of the Interaction module
Entering and exiting the Interaction module
Understanding interactions
Understanding interaction properties
Understanding constraints
Understanding contact and constraint detection
Understanding connectors
Understanding connector sections and functions
Understanding Interaction module managers and editors
Understanding symbols that represent interactions, constraints, and connectors
Using the Interaction module toolbox
Using the Interaction module
Using the interaction editors
Using the interaction property editors
Using the constraint editors
Using contact and constraint detection
Using the connector section editors
Using the Query toolset to obtain connector assignment information