Exiting an Abaqus/CAE session

You can exit the Abaqus/CAE session at any time by selecting FileExit from the main menu bar. If you made any changes to the current model database, Abaqus/CAE asks if you want to save the changes before exiting the session. Abaqus/CAE then closes the current model or output database and all windows and exits the session.

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Abaqus/CAE saves your GUI settings; for example, the size of the main window and the size and location of dialog boxes. For more information, see Working with abaqus_2017.gpr files, and Understanding Abaqus/CAE GUI settings. In addition, Abaqus/CAE automatically creates a file called abaqus.rpy that records your operations during the session; you can use this file to reproduce your operations. For more information on reproducing operations and on recovering interrupted sessions, see Recreating an unsaved model database.