Understanding Abaqus/CAE GUI settings

GUI settings are always saved automatically to a binary file in your home directory called abaqus_2017.gpr when you exit Abaqus/CAE. For more information, see Working with abaqus_2017.gpr files.

These GUI settings include the following:

  • The size and location of the main window.

  • The size and location of a particular dialog box; for example, the Open Database and Create Part dialog boxes.

  • The location, orientation, and visibility of individual toolbars.

  • Custom toolbars.

  • Customized keyboard shortcuts.

  • The size of the message area and command line interface.

  • Whether the Model Tree and Results Tree are displayed. The width of the tree area is also stored.

  • Bookmarks to directories that you created when opening a file.

You cannot edit the abaqus_2017.gpr file; however, you can delete it to restore the default GUI and display options settings.


Deleting the abaqus_2017.gpr file resets all of the GUI settings listed above. You cannot restore the settings from a deleted abaqus_2017.gpr file except by recreating them manually in Abaqus/CAE.