Creating a new model database

You can create and store multiple model databases on your computer, but you can have only one model database open at any time. Choose one of the following options to create a new model database:

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Using the File menu
  • Click in the File toolbar or select FileNew Model DatabaseWith Standard/Explicit Model to create a new model database for an Abaqus/Standard or an Abaqus/Explicit analysis.

  • Select FileNew Model DatabaseWith Electromagnetic Model to create a new model database for an electromagnetic analysis.

If you have made any changes to the current model database, Abaqus/CAE asks if you want to save your changes before it closes the current model database and creates the new one. The new database then becomes the current database. To save the new model database, select FileSave from the main menu bar and enter the name of the database. After you save the model database, Abaqus/CAE displays its name in the title bar of the main window.