Importing parts

You can import a part from a file that uses an external format, from an output database, from a substructure, or from an Abaqus input file.

Select FileImportPart from the main menu bar to import a part from either:

An external-format file

You can import geometry information from the following formats:

  • ACIS

  • CATIA V4

  • Elysium Neutral file generated by Pro/ENGINEER, NX, CATIA V5, or CATIA V6

  • CATIA V5

  • IGES

  • Parasolid

  • STEP

  • VDA-FS

For information about the versions of the CAD software supported by Abaqus/CAE, see the Dassault Systèmes Knowledge Base at

You can import all of the parts in an assembly, or you can import only a specified part. Abaqus/CAE creates a separate part for each part that is imported. As a result, if a part is instanced many times in the assembly, Abaqus/CAE creates separate parts corresponding to each instance. Abaqus/CAE does not retain the names of the parts or any color coding.

An output database

You can import the part instances stored in an output database in the form of mesh parts. A mesh part contains no feature information and is extracted from the output database as a collection of nodes, elements, surfaces, and sets. You can import either the undeformed or the deformed shape. If you import the deformed shape, you can specify the step and the increment from which to import. For more information, see Importing a part from an output database.

A substructure

You can import a substructure into a model database as a new part definition. For more information, see Importing a substructure into a model database as a part.

An Abaqus input file
You can import parts defined in an Abaqus input file in the form of orphan mesh parts. For more information, see Importing a part from an Abaqus input file.

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Using the File menu
  1. From the main menu bar, select FileImportPart.

    The Import Part dialog box appears.

  2. From the File Filter menu at the bottom of the Import Part dialog box, select one of the following:

  3. Abaqus/CAE lists all the files in the selected directory with the appropriate file extension. Select the file containing the part to import, and click OK.

    Abaqus/CAE enters the Part module and either displays a Create dialog box pertaining to your selection or creates the parts.

  4. If applicable, select the desired repair options and part attributes and click OK. For more information, see Controlling the import process and What are the part attributes?.