The step editor

When you create, edit, or replace a step, the step editor displays a set of tabbed pages that allow you to configure the settings for the procedure you selected. The pages are unique for each procedure; for example, when you configure a Static, General procedure, the step editor displays the Basic, Incrementation, and Other tabs. Settings you can configure with these tabbed pages include the time period for the step, the maximum number of increments, the increment size, the default load variation with time, and whether to account for geometric nonlinearity.

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Using the step editor

Abaqus stores the text that you enter in the Description field on the Basic tabbed page in the output database, and it is displayed in the state block by the Visualization module.

If you want to reset the procedure settings to their default values, you can replace an existing step with a step of the same procedure type. For more information, see Resetting the default values in the step editor.

For detailed help on a specific feature of the editor, select HelpOn Context and then click the feature of interest.