Importing and Exporting Monte Carlo Configuration Files

You can import and export a Monte Carlo configuration file. This section shows an example configuration file that includes options for the Descriptive Sampling, Simple Random Sampling, and Sobol Sampling techniques. The options are the same for all the techniques. To allow for better formatting in the file example, the “*” and “#” symbols are used in various places to denote substitutions for defined values.

Monte Carlo Configuration File Example

Technique: Descriptive Sampling, Simple Random Sampling, or Sobol Sampling
Technique Options:
Number of Simulations: 100
Random Seed: -1
Execution Options:
convergence tolerance: 1.0E-7
parallel: true
run mean value point: true
Correlation option: 
update mean values: true
execute subflow once: false
convergence check interval: 25
import at runtime: false
Design Parameters:
Random Variables:
Name Distribution "Fixed Parameter" "Standard Deviation" Mean
"*" Normal "#" 2.5E-4 0.05
"**" Normal "#" 0.02 0.4
"***" Normal "#" 1.2 12.0
"*" – WireDiameter
"**" – CoilDiameter
"***" – NumberOfCoils
"#" – "Standard Deviation"
Name "Upper Limit"
Weight 0.0
Size 0.0
ShearStress 0.0
SurgeFrequency 0.0
Deflection 0.0